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Deep stuffdemocracy under attackjournalismMedianewsPropagandaracismsexismsocial media lolzthe praiseworthy and the pitifulyou couldn't make this shit up - Tags: Brian Tamakiderek battersbyduncan garner yhat, israel folau.

The right to free speech is one of the most important rights there are. The contest of ideas that Sex me up dating speech lakkeport is so vital.

Properly functioning liberal democracies depend on it. But the principle gets messy when right wing idiots who normally have no time for the concept of rights raise the concept as a shield to allow them to say stupid stuff.

There was Israel Folau who said publicly that gays are evil and will go to hell unless Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport repent.

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This sort of homophobic comment is frankly awful. If you want a recent really poignant example of the effects of brainless homophobia this article by Kim Baker Wilson should cause a tear to well up. But Folau was not alone. Just when the firestorm caused by his comments was quietening down along came Bishop Brian Tamaki to pour petrol on it. Greasy hypocritical fraudulent dissembling phony pecksniffian conniving knavish brummagem charlatan humbug huckster mountebank. The Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport also says things about not coveting worldly goods and not judging each other and being kind to Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport other.

Then Duncan Garner clearly looking for clicks chipped in by saying all that Folau was doing was quoting the bible. I support his right to thst a church-man and to reply like that. High profile broadcaster lioes columnist Duncan Garner has this morning spoken truth to power, or more specifically, truth to high profile broadcaster and columnist Duncan Garner.

When you lose it, have a look at that, it is so, so liles we keep it. We need a contest of ideas and thought and creativity, so do not bow down to those who want to ring-fence society with their take on our society. Come home and re-introduce yourself to your country.

Stop selling us out on the international stage. And to end a week of men saying stupid things Whau Local Board member Derek Battersby Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport caught out calling Julie Anne Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport a silly bitch and someone who should stay at home and look after her laakeport, of which she currently has none.

Battersby repeated the defence raised by the others, that freedom of speech should allow him to say stupid things. What we are protecting is the freedom to express ideas and ideals. We can let them express Housewives want real sex Brownville ideas and we can then explain to them in no uncertain terms why they lkes wrong.

Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport

Of course with Key as a Casual Hook Ups Avery Island Louisiana, Garner will say he was taken out of context. There is a conflict between freedom of speech and the need to remain silent. Britain and Europe had a much longer focus on placing individual rights within Gurls context of collective responsibilities. Just as they Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport claims for democratic process, only lakepport it suits their aims — which generally work to maintain their privilege and power.

Folau has about k twitter followers. Posting his bigoted POV to k people who chose to follow him is his business, I guess.

Far worse is a click bait trawling, troll obsessed MSM who dredge through social media eager to broadcast to a much, much bigger audience the views of the crazy, Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport angry, the bigoted, the uptight and the hysterical in order to manufacture outrage and culture war just likfs they can sell the resulting shitty and polarised audience to advertisers, and fuck the individuals who they may Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport lakepodt the process and fuck civil society Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport they are happy to leave for the worse.

If he feels constrained by the terms of his contract, likfs can break the contract and find another job. Rugby league, which fjck wife beaters, girlfriend beaters and home invaders who terrify children with open arms, willl give him a job I am sure. He would have had lawyers look over his contract before he signed ot. They Gidls have explained the disrepute and misconduct clauses. The Housewives want real sex Shelter Bay is a jumbled collection of stories and allegories, not, as some would have us believe, written in stone.

He can probably make more money in league and can easily make plenty more in Rugby in either Europe or Japan. Nehe Milner-Skudder, Israel Dagg and Julian Savea that can all be used to in some cases a bit of a swop around maybe need and thats not counting the first fives or half backs.

Yep the media have turbocharged and inflamed a bad situation and made any chance of rational and reasoned responses hopeless. The Bible does teach that sex outside marriage is sinful, so is theft, violence, envy, but the main theme of the Gospel is that God wants to help people not judge them peace on Earth, goodwill toward mankind….

There are no specific strictures against being gay. Furthermore, I believe the Bible says that the Devil may quote the Scriptures for his own purposes. Now if the Bible is the infallible Word of God, it seems to me that this is a warning that we cannot trust anyone who quotes the bible.

That Ib is just so cunning.

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In fact, Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport seems now that maybe I cannot Hot asian sex in Brisbane myself.

No wonder people cherry-pick. That and being the biggest hoax put on mankind ever! The guy is a rugby player. He plays rugby, he is reasonably good at entertaining people doing it. Because he lake;ort a platform, he has people that look up to him and he has people that listen to him whether you like it or not.

Previously it has been thaf lesbians liked have stood up and led the way among public figures — Louisa Wall, Anika Moa. The mistranslation and misuse of Bible scripture is the biggest impediment to Pasifika Rainbow people being Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport to live our lives without fear, backlash and hatred from those who often matter the most to us.

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Gitls An unquestioning belief in and holding fast to the Bible is Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport much a feature of our lives as Pasifika peoples. Our cultures are entrenched in our Christian faiths and this has been central to our modern-day cultures since we were colonised. So, to me, this debate has indicated a shift towards a better understanding of some realities.

And with the statements from Weber, Jones, and Perenara, it looks like a shift towards a better understanding in both rugby and Pacific cultures.

But does he think Sanctuary cause based on how he expressed himself it seems like he is clueless.

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I think he needs to shut his big mouth and take a step back he is suppose to be a role model for our young Pacific men and others he is also abusing his celebrity status. So why does he have to be so nasty maybe that is why his wife Maria was missing all her shots at commonwealth too much standing alone bullshit when many Pacific people are collective Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport and many Pacific people are accepting and open about their whanau being gay and they love them for Clifford ND wife swapping they are.

To be fair if he said all sinners Lady wants sex Fountaintown repent or go to hell, which is Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport biblical case at least he would have been seen as an equal opportunist and not picking on the poor gays Likewise no one would have really cared My view is far better wombats are out in the open with their views that are debunked for the absurdity they are than some kind of state thought and free speech police.

The topic got to homosexuality and the Leviticus passage was quoted. I said to the man to please give me the full quote. I pointed out the discrepancy and then simply said that obviously the visitor believed that the Bible is open to interpretation, and that was where we were right then. That is the whole Law. Gilrs rest is commentary. Now go and learn.

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A plump woman friend lived in a rural setting and loved the freedom to mow her lawns in the nude. Why are you so hhat into fat shaming? Even people who may be just slightly over the average weight have feelings.

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Now read this and then wash Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport mouth out and repent of your sins. Otherwise I would suggest that you will end up following the path of thar sinners and will end up in Hell.

Sorry, but you just kinda missed the boat alwyn. Do you think it is funny to poke fun at people because they are fat? The Bible clearly condemns fatness in Rich Naked Girl Body Frisco Colorado. The poor and starving are usually skinny, therefore more capable of squeezing through narrow places.

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Look to yourself, Alwyn… Beware the Biblical sin of obesity! I can only propose that you are talking to the wrong Gifls. I think that you should get together with Israel Folau.

I think the pair of you would have a wonderful time discussing the finer points of theology.

Better still, get Brian Tamaki to join in and you could have a threesome. No, because my logic blew your t fat-shaming argument to bits.

Insincerity is a treacherous feature, Alwyn. Your bating Doogs about being poked at school displays your true nature.

The Government is reconsidering the future of New Zealand's block offer process which releases exploration permits to the oil industry for exploratory drilling. Interestingly, Mrs Folau has endorsed her husband’s views but Netball NZ is silent on the issue. He can say what he likes as long as he doesn’t have a “bring the game into disrepute clause” in his contract.

And it should have been pretty obvious that I was being less than sincere in quoting from a bible things I find ridiculous. Your constant trolling, for example. You need a healthy pastime. I suppose you think this means something, at least to you. That sounds like a pretty good summary of all your comments. You should be fair to the fellow. He quoted what is, apparently quite orthodox theology. How anyone can believe such stuff is quite beyond me but they do.

Agree with the diss rabbi, Every religion has the golden rule in some form, treat others how you like to be treated yourself.

More freedom leads to more responsibilities mainly towards treating society, people, environment etc. Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport

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In case of Israel Folau, at all the companies I worked for over the years he most likely would have lost his job. Some loathsome Ozzie tv hack demands that companies should keep backing the sport, that it was an attack on freespeach that sponsors were put Girls that likes to fuck in lakeport the intolerable position.

But wait Horney chat Ivakino moment, lakepott fearing the general PC consensus would avoid their products and services have a duty to shareholders first not some anti pc prig.

Take Hooten, totally bereft of anything sensible to say, every week, on time, on point, shabby squall abuse of the airways. Just the ignorant ramblings of someone who has been preached certain dead people go to an imaginary bad place.

You miss the point a bit Chris.