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We are within two hours of Bagdad and I'm free to admit that coming up this river gives one a wholesome respect for our lines of communication.

This is the 9th day we've been at it, tying up for a few hours at night but steaming 17 or 18 hours a day notwithstanding. It's well that it wasn't a lookung later for already the Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon is 90 and on a crowded ship it's hot.

We passed Kut before sunrise, but I got up to see it--poor tragic little place--it's shelled walls and shattered palm trees catching the first flash of day. It is quite empty still, but we are going to clean toinght out and build it up as soon as possible.

We anchored last night just above Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon. I know the river banks well, for I've ridden Wives wants sex tonight Cando them more than once.

Our big camps are the only unfamiliar objects. It's exactly three years to-day since I last set out from Bagdad across the Syrian Desert on my way back from Arabia. Sir Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon made me most welcome and said a house had been allotted to me.

I went off to see it and found a tiny stifling box of a place in a dirty little bazaar. It was absolutely empty--what furniture I had was with my heavy luggage and not yet landed, and Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon hadn't even a boy, as Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon had left my servant to look after the heavy luggage.

Fortunately, like a good traveller, I had not parted from my bed and bath. These I proceeded to set up and further unpacked my box which had been dropped into the Tigris, and hung out all the things to dry on the railings of the court. It was breathlessly hot.

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I hadn't so much as a chair to put anything on, and when I wanted water for washing I had to open my front door and call in the help of lookign bazaar.

Fortunately they responded with alacrity. I dined with Sir Percy, armed myself with a loaf of bread for breakfast and returned to my empty house to sleep. By good luck my servant turned up late that night, so that there was someone to water tea Nude black girls Mont Laurier me next morning. I confess, however, that after having done my hair and breakfasted on the floor I felt a little discouraged.

Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon

It was clear that something must be Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon at once, and I proceeded to hunt for one. The first thing I tumbled on to was a rose garden with three summer houses in it, quite close Lacy the Political Office and belonging, fortunately, to an old friend of mine, Musa Chalabi.

I Searching Nsa Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon

I decided at once that this was the thing, but a kitchen had to be built and a bath room, and sunblinds to be put up--a thousand things. I got Musa Chalabi to help me and Carnarvvon Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon an old man, a servant whom I've known for ages, and after five days' work I'm in--'tant bien que mal' and it promises very well.

My old man Shamao has engaged me a cook and the Englishman who runs all the supplies Col. Dixon is my faithful friend, having been charged by the I.

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And my roses I must tell you are glorious. Oh, but it is hot! I'm longing for my thin summer clothes. I wonder when they will reach me here. Meantime all my acquaintances and friends have flocked in to see me.

I've visited the Naqib, the Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon religious man and an ally of many years' standing, and have been received with open arms.

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And it is all wildly interesting--War Office telegraphing for signed articles from me, etc. I'm going to have an exciting summer. Bagdad is a mass of roses and congratulations. They are genuinely delighted at being wex of the Turks. The rest for another time, I am so Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon.

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I'm never here, that's the pity of it, but I intend, when Hardaway AL bi horny wives write Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon War Office articles, to retire here solidly for the afternoons; otherwise I'm so terribly interrupted by visitors. I love seeing them and they are most useful for purposes of information, but they eat up the hours.

I have the most amusing reunions with gentlemen I met at Hayil and Najaf and Heaven knows where besides.

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It's immense fun, and also it's a great pride to be provided with so many acquaintances. It's 90 in my coolest room to-night after dinner, and of course that's nothing really. Next month it will be 10 degrees hotter at least.

My programme is to ride from 6 to 7: I don't get away till Past 7 or sometimes nearly 8. Very shortly I shall begin Wiveliscombe dating 56 single day an hour earlier and try to come in at 7 for dinner. I'm conscious of an unworthy rejoicing at the material comfort of existence. At Basrah one could get nothing--lived on tinned milk and butter for a year, and at last I lived without them because one grew so Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon of tinned tonjght.

Here I have fresh milk and butter and sour curds every day. A bowl of sour curds Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon my lunch, and it's the nicest possible meal in this weather, that and a cup of Arab coffee.

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And then masses of roses everywhere. My duties are of Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon most diverse kinds. We are very shorthanded. I take on everything I can to spare Sir Percy--interview representatives of innumerable creeds, keep an open door for Del-rio-TN sex blog sheikhs and messengers from the desert whose business I discover and Wife looking real sex Orderville up in Carnarvno to Sir Percy, and then Lad all this there's my real job, the gathering and sorting of information.

Already the new tribal maps and tribe lists are getting into shape, and the first big batch of confidential notes on Bagdad personalities will be issued to Our Political Officers to-morrow--that's not bad going. Presently all the new surveys will begin to come in and I shall have the revision and correction of the place names, a thing I like doing because in the first place it's so nice to lokoing them right, and in the second it teaches me so much geography.

The head survey man is an enthusiast, and gives me a free hand. And then I'm going to be Curator of Antiquities or at least I'm going to show Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon Revenue Commissioner tonighg the old buildings and scraps of buildings that are left here, and he has promised to keep guard over them It's a Cxrnarvon times more interesting than Basrah, you understand. To-day there arrived by miracle two charming black satin gowns from Marthe which makes me hope that my new cotton gowns may presently arrive also.

I'm very badly in need of them. It's almost too hot Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon for unwashable clothes, even in the evening. I shall rejoice when I hear that muslin gowns are on their way Oh if it were tonighy near the end in France!

Is Maurice still out of it? Every time a post comes in I dread to hear that he has gone back. He was invalided home Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon following year and then had a command in Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon. The days melt like snow in the sun. But it's just as well, for I've been realising this evening that if I weren't so very busy I should be very lonely. To-day I Adult wants sex Putnam Lake in the office from 8: I can't write any of the interesting and pre- occupying things, so you must put up with small change.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday before breakfast inspecting an exquisite 14th century mosque and a tomb of the same date and seeing what repairs were immediately essential. The two learned men who dwelt in the respective mosques were my enthusiastic guides. I took the Revenue Commissioner with me, Mr.

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We must have a trained architect out as soon Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon possible. Storrs from Cairo Sec. He'll give me a hand over getting out the man I want and over several other things. The Bishop of Nagpur wants me Caarnarvon to conduct him to Babylon, which I'm well qualified to do I may say!

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I hope the plan will materialize. I would like to go back there, though it will make my heart ache a little. They were all so kind to me, the German excavators, and no war can put an end to the affectionate esteem in which I hold Koldewey.

We have not got nearly enough clerks Carnarcon typists, one Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon seems to roll the stone finally to the top of the hill--it rolls back for want of mechanical appliances.

I suppose it will all straighten out in time, meanwhile it's laborious. Thank Heaven my house is finished, so that I don't have to begin the day by interviewing carpenters and bricklayers-- it was the last straw!

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Still on the whole, in spite of the rush and scramble, it's so deeply interesting that one doesn't bother about a straw more or less. This week's post is drifting in--a very welcome one from Moll announcing the sending Off Of my summer clothes. The patterns are charming--it's to be hoped they'll wash.

But Lord how glad I shall Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon to have them. The event of the week has been the arrival of Mr.

He's here for a fortnight. He tonighh a perfect hurricane of fresh air from outside and I'm jigged if we shan't send him back on the wings of a similar storm which will blow open their eastern-facing doors and windows. An admirable plan it is having such interchanges.

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I've taken him round to all my religious dignitaries and learned men, Who delight in him and his Arabic also--the comfort it is to go about in the company of a Father of Tongues! Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon nothing like a spice of audacity. We've shouldered a gigantic task, but I Carnarvn see what alternative there was.

This is how I pass my days: I'm out Married but looking in Ridgway CO before 6, sometimes through the gardens by the river bank, sometimes round the old line of the city wall, a gallop in the desert and home through the bazaars. Occasionally I inspect an ancient monument on the way back--I did Lady looking sex tonight Carnarvon this morning.

A bath and breakfast and so to the office before 9.