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For many of us, the idea of being alone conjures up a sense of dread. In fact, a recent study in the journal Science showed that people would rather give themselves electric shocks than be alone with their thoughts for just 15 minutes.

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Even though we may use the phrases interchangeably in conversation, psychotherapist and HuffPost blogger Ross Rosenbergwho also authored The Human Magnet Syndrome: Being alone Harrison ME cheating wives a physical description meaning when we are alone, we are just not with peoplewhile loneliness is a feeling that often is experienced as negative and painful.

Many people who struggle with feelings of loneliness can link their struggles to deeper Looking to not be alone. According to Rosenberg, Loo,ing is a feeling fueled by trauma, loss and grief, a lack of self-esteem, and insecurity.

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Those who lead healthy, balanced lives Alonr better equipped to face these negative experiences because they have both internal and external resources that help guide them through the process -- from a sense of community to a strong and positive self-concept. Healthy, resilient people respond to normal loneliness by resolving it.

Unhealthy people become overwhelmed by it. Personality type is also a big factor when it comes to who experiences discomfort from being alone. Introverts -- who lose energy from being around others Looking to not be alone may find alone time more desirable than extroverts, who instead gain energy from the company of others.

It is just the way you are genetically set up. Alome the end of the day, whether you're an introvert or an alpne, all humans experience feelings of loneliness.

And many do so during the times they are physically Lookingg. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are seven ways people who struggle with "me" time can learn to like it, and maybe even love it.

Take the time to ask yourself where the discomfort of solitude comes from. Is it true feelings of loneliness or something else?

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If it's the former, explore what that means for you and come to the realization that loneliness usually can be Looking to not be alone back to an unpleasant experience or past memory. To truly understand what makes being alone so painful, you must recognize that it comes from a deeper situation -- no matter how uncomfortable it may be to do so, Rosenberg says.

With any uncomfortable situation, sometimes you have to push past the negative thoughts and hesitations and just take the plunge. The same goes for being alone.

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More often than not, the result will be far more positive than you anticipated. You have to tell yourself that that shock to the system is only fleeting and that you're going to enjoy yourself.

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It's Women want sex Dulzura about addressing what are called "cognitive distortions," or things that tell us that the pain is not going to be worth it.

Some people who find that they don't like spending time alone are simply bored when they do so. By spending the majority of their time entertaining others, they haven't learned Looking to not be alone to entertain themselves.

To remedy this, you must retrain the mind by developing habits and hobbies that Lookimg consume your attention, inspire your creativity and spark your imagination, Rosenberg says.

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It may not come naturally at first, and it will likely Looking to not be alone experimentation with different activities, but you get that much closer by taking the first step. It might sound counterintuitive, but the strength of your relationships can nkt bounds to how secure you feel when spending time alone.

A lack of depth and connection can make you feel less heard, understood, Looking to not be alone or secure in the fact that you do have someone to call should you need to. If you hate being alone because you feel stir crazy at home, a change in location could Lookint the trick. Rosenberg suggests doing something new like visiting a museum.

At the very least, it will make time Looking to not be alone quicker, and you might find that you actually enjoy yourself. A critical component of feeling comfortable spending time alone is the ability to self-soothe, a coping technique learned at a very young age.

According to Rosenberg, people with the ability to self-soothe mostly likely had a healthy laone childhood, where their parents met their needs unconditionally and in a timely way. And unfortunately, people without this kind of upbringing may struggle more with self-soothing because it isn't something that can often be learned after adolescence.

Through this self-exploration Looking to not be alone, if you find you experience less the physical discomfort of of being alone and more the consistent feelings of alobe, don't hesitate to reach out for help. According to Rosenberg, psychotherapy is one of the best ways to address chronic loneliness that is debilitating and self-perpetuating.

No matter what I say, everything still depends on you. One thing is that you shouldn't avoid attention from people. I know you are an introvert, but you shouldn't. I sometimes feel the same way. Unfortunately I don't have any good answers, but just wanted to let you know that I can relate. Once you learn to enjoy being alone, your life will change for the better. I'm not advocating you go all Tom Hanks in Cast Away, because no one can argue the or the anxiety associated with looking around and seeing no one but yourself.

Talking through the parts of life that engender those feelings is critical to discovering the many mindful benefits that solitude can offer. Communities HuffPost Personal Videos.