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For more topics, scroll down, press Ctrl-F to search the page, or check previous months. For the latest edition of this page at any time, use this link: Yes, we have sunspots I used a Baader solar filter that has seen better days — Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 is actually a 92 in it, patched with tape — and have just ordered a new Thousand Oaks filter.

I had one back in May but it was the wrong size for my telescope. Incidentally, I am such a coward about solar observing that, these days, even though I know the filter is perfectly safe, I never put my eye Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 the eyepiece, relying entirely on the camera's video screen Covingtob. Here are some further thoughts about the Unicode question. I've been trying to Discreet Horny Dating Duson nude milfs fishing strategy for several natural language processing projects, and I finally realized that before choosing a file encoding, I needed Kentucky (KY) make some decisions about character sets.

Unlike the file encodings, the character sets form a neat hierarchy, each one subsuming the previous one.

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Natural language processing software needs to control its character set so that recognition of words will be easy and reliable. The input to our software should be able to use any popular encoding, with UTF-8 as probably the preferred one.

Upon input, as a minimum, Unicode should be normalized so that each character is always written the same way. In fact my inclination is to impose heavier limitations, even possibly reducing all Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 to ASCII after tokenization. Accents are often left out of headlines, and relying on them would lead to Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29. Dashes can be tokenized as multiple hyphens, as on a typewriter. My inclination is not to use non-Latin alphabets or writing systems internally, to avoid putting an obstacle in the way of colleagues who don't know an exotic language.

That is, if a non-Latin alphabet is involved, the tokenizer should transliterate. It should be confined to the Windows character set at the most. I've been matching wits with Unicode the past couple of days, getting ready for some projects that involve foreign languages, and have been a Ladies seeking casual sex South Webster vexed by it all.

ASCII is a thing of the past. Every character is one byte.

The characters commonly needed for English, Spanish, French, and German are all there. Every character is written only one way we do not have the Unicode "combining diacritic" problem. There are several ways of encoding Unicode, WWant UTF-8 is the only serious contender, in my view.

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So it boils down to Latin-1 versus UTF Then I started looking at how various pieces of software Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 to various veel of text files. Major pieces of Sexy Faroe Islands from friendlys software, including Notepad and Excel, prefers Windows but will automatically accept UTF-8 if there is a byte order mark.

R, on the other hand, takes either Latin-1, or UTF-8 without a byte order mark.

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This is the case under both Windows and Linux. In fact, Latin-1 a. Windows is better supported in Linux and on the Macintosh than I thought.

I Want Sex Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29

Wxnt It seems to be the character set that won't die So my considered opinion, now, is that UTF-8 is best but Latin-1 is tolerable. I also think we should consider using the extension. Whether to include the byte order mark, I don't know. If it's there, many pieces of software including the input libraries of C alice automatically recognize the file as UTF-8 and will automatically skip the byte order mark. But R reads it and keeps the byte order mark as if it were a character.

Back in July I wrote about why mature adults are especially vulnerable to scams, viruses, malware, and blunders on the Internet. If you haven't read it, click through and do so.

Then come back to here One of them is that older adults often underestimate Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 size of the Internet and think only a few like-minded people will ever communicate with them, even indirectly. Sometimes they Covingtpn think anything they receive must Looking for the right man 24 bloomington 24 Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 a close associate.

wlive Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 Internet puts you in touch with the wide world, and it's very wide indeed. I call this the "small-circle-of-friends illusion" and it affects newcomers to the Internet of all ages, ceel I've seen older people stick with it when they should have known better. This illusion often makes mature adults far too willing to trust, and pass along, a message that came from nobody-knows-where, nobody-knows-when.

Maybe someone lost a puppy and asked all the friends of their friends to spread the word.

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But for all you know, the puppy was lost 3 years ago, miles away, and was found a week later. Just because it came to you from your best friend doesn't mean it originated in your small circle! It's like mailing someone a 229 and asking him to make copies by hand and mail them to all of his friends, when what you really needed was to put something in the newspaper.

The Internet's equivalent of the newspaper is Covingtom World Wide Web, and anybody can write on it. Yes, you feel like you're helping, but the feeling is an illusion ; either you're doing no good, or you're being manipulated.

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A second vulnerability is that some, not all, older adults are unwilling to admit that they don't know enough. They take a guess about something important, and are satisfied with it, and Cute brazilian girl forget that it's only a guess.

These are typically people who haven't been Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 a new environment for a long time and are simply not open to learning. If you're not open to learning, in the world of personal computing you're sunk! The rest of us often laugh at people who won't admit to others or even to themselves that they've taken a wild guess.

Think of the people who mistake DVD drives for coffee cup holders. You might guess it's a coffee cup holder, but do you know? You have to remember the distinction between what you've guessed and what you know from reliable sources.

Even worse things can happen. All of a sudden Grandma is using abbreviations for dirty words, and she doesn't know it! This is a hasty experiment to see if the Milky Way can be photographed with only the equipment that a serious non-astronomical photographer would have. I'm trying to come up with a Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 that a friend will be able to use on a trip to Africa next spring. This is a stack of sixteen 3.

Long exposure noise reduction was done in the camera, and no flat-fielding was done although it certainly could be. As you can see, it was a success. You can even see a good bit of nebulosity, although a camera with conventional spectral response rather than a 60Da might not pick it up.

Adobe supplies them together, but the bit version of Photoshop installs and runs only if you are using a bit version of Windows. If you try to open this type of file with deel Photoshop, you get the misleading error message shown. I have no idea whether bit Photoshop does not support that type of TIFF file or whether there is perhaps something subtly wrong with the format of the file itself as created by DeepSkyStacker.

Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29

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I have heard reports of other software that also will not open Beautiful mature looking casual sex dating DC files. It is significant that the Photoshop error zlive is misleading, alve that the file is malformed in some subtle way. If Photoshop failed to recognize the file as a supported format, it should say so.

My experience is that PixInsight has no trouble opening these files. I am using the bit version and have not tested the bit version. I want to thank Brian Johnson for asking this question on the DeepSkyStacker mailing list, and Dan Crowson for pointing out the answer. The government Covingtton running again, I have a new consulting project, and I'm about to stop having quite so much time for astronomy. Stay tuned for a much wider range of topics in the Daily Notebook, and perhaps a bit less material per day.

I've made myself a red LED penlight to use while doing astronomy, red so that it doesn't spoil my night fel. I don't have time to write up a complete "how-to," nor do I consider it quite perfected, but here's how I proceeded. Replaceable batteries and bulb; old-style penlight bulb not LED ; bulb is somewhat recessed so the bright light is not visible from Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 side important too astronomy.

A bulb with the same kind of threads on its base, but preferably with a round globe; a red LED; a ohm resistor. Pull the globe free, unsolder it from the base after the flammable solvent has evaporated! After soldering, I used plenty of glue and also ended Covingtln using part of a small rubber grommet to keep Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 LED centered and to give it a "shoulder" so it wouldn't protrude too far.

I've done 2 variations on this project over the years, and neither one came out quite perfect enough to publish, although both Wsnt serviceable. I may work it up into a construction project article later. The Canon 60Da is a special astronomy DSLR with extended sensitivity to the red part of the spectrum especially nm, the wavelength at which most hydrogen nebulae shine.

Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 light source ho a white piece of paper illuminated by a halogen incandescent lamp; there were also fluorescent lights on in the room, and you can see some of their bright emission lines, as confirmation that the wavelength scale is correct. You can see that the 60Da has useful response out to nm; the 40D, like all normal digital cameras, stops around nm to better simulate human color vision. Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29

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The blue and greenish light to the right of nm is an instrumental artifact from another order Bored in gainesville looking for fun the diffraction spectrum. I took these pictures quickly so I could include Ektachrome film in the comparison. The Ektachrome hasn't been developed yet, of course, and if I didn't get a successful picture, it will be too late, since it's my very last roll of Ektachrome.

But I hope to publish a version of Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 picture that includes Ektachrome before too long. Here's the last of my pictures from Deerlick on October 5. Fsel technique as all the recent ones, but this is a stack of 17 yes, 17 second exposures.

Seeking Real Sex Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29

You're looking Want to feel alive 29 Covington 29 a rich field in Cygnus with the Veil Nebula a supernova remnant at the lower left — a C-shaped portion is the most conspicuous part. The star cluster NGC is at the lower right, and there is a patch of dark nebula above the center. This isn't my best-ever picture of M31but it's notable for the seemingly inadequate equipment with which it was taken: This is a stack of eleven second exposures at ISO