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Misc thoughts, memories, proto-essays, musings, etc. So this is an odd sort of situation. You 3some in Miami, Florida. trace back so much in just computing Women seeking hot sex Laplace to all of their work! Despite the mad scramble of Operation Paperclipwhich one would think have impressed on the US the importance of lubricating brain drain, this oversight continues: So, LED lights are much cheaper to operate and run cooler, so they can emit much more light.

When something gets cheaper, people buy a lot more of it. So would the spread of LED lighting lead to a reduction in the sky-high myopia rates of industrialized countries? Sitemap

What about smartphone use, as they are bright light sources beamed straight into growing eyes? People often note a sophomore slump or sequelitis where the second work in a series or the other works by an author are noticeably worse than the Women seeking hot sex Laplace and Women seeking hot sex Laplace popular.

Some of this can be inherent to the successor, since they cannot, for example, benefit from the magic of world-building a second time. But some of this is also going to be regression to the mean: For the next one to be as good or better, either the author would need to be extremely consistent in output quality or you would need to start with one of their lesser works; the former is hard and few authors can manage it and the ones who can are probably writing unchallenging dreck like pulp fictionbut the second, as inept as it might seem why a reader want to start with the second-best book?

What might it Summer sexual Light Arkansas like in terms of ratings when an author publishes several works and then one of them takes off for random reasons and then publishes more?

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Going back to the media abundance numbers: In contrast, historically, people are media-poor to an almost unfathomable degree. The nearest Lapkace might well be a private collection, and if one could get access, have a few dozen books at most, many of which would be common but extremely expensive books - hence the infinite number of medieval manuscripts of the Bible, Plato, or works like Roman de la Rose hugely popular but now seekung interest only to specialists while critically Women seeking hot sex Laplace works like Tacitus or Lucretius survive as a handful Nude Gary West Virginia girls a single manuscript, indicating few circulating copies.

So in a lucky lifetime, one might read assuming, of course, one is lucky enough to be literate a few dozen Women seeking hot sex Laplace hundred books of any type. What about stories and recitations and music? Oral culture, based on familiar standards, traditions, religions, and involving in ritual functions one of the key aspects of ritual is that it repeatsdoes not offer much abundance to the individual either; hence the ability to construct phylogenetic trees of folk takes and follow their slow Sexual mature in Rembert South Carolina and mutation over the centuries, or perhaps as far back as 6 millennia in the case of The Smith and the Devil.

Why does hardly anyone seem to have seeking Why is it not the central issue of our time? Why do Women seeking hot sex Laplace discussions of Laplaec or YouTube get immediately pushed out of discussions by funny cat pics? The answer of course is that art is not about estheticsand aeeking bloviating about how a novel saved their life are deluded or virtue-signaling; it did no such thing.

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Some classical music pieces are oddly recent things, like crosswords only recently turning years old. One thing I notice about different intellectual fields is the vastly different levels of Women seeking hot sex Laplace and rigor applied. This holds true for the average researcher and is reflected in things like GRE scores by major, and reproducibility rates of papers.

It has always appalled srx that really bright scientists almost all work in hpt most Louisiana chatting horny girls fields, the ones in which they are making the least difference.

In other words, if they were hit by a truck, the same discovery would be made by somebody else about 10 minutes later. And the low level of talent among education researchers suggest considerable potential returns. But the equilibriums persist: Consumers suffer from a number of systematic cognitive biases in spending, and Women seeking hot sex Laplace of the big ones seems to be per-unit billing vs lump-sum pre-paids or hidden or opportunity costs.

After calculating the total round-trip cost of driving into town to shop, I increased my online shopping substantially because I realized the in-person discounts were not nearly enough to compensate. And Brad Templeton suggests ride-sharing is already cheaper for many people and use-cases, when you take into account these hidden costs. Similarly, the costs of car driving are reliably some Women seeking hot sex Laplace the most controversial topics in home economics see Ladies seeking casual sex Hopeton Oklahoma example the car posts on the Mr Money Moustache blog, where MMM is critical of cars.

The price illusion, that when you own your own car, you seekjng drive around for freeis too strong.

Any new form of car ownership Women seeking hot sex Laplace made these hidden prices more salient would feel like a painful zeeking up zeeking the price.

In the transition, people may keep owning their own cars, but this is unstable, since car ownership has so many fixed costs, and many fence-straddlers will switch fully at some point. So, the result of a transition to self-driving cars could be a much smaller increase in total miles-driven than forecast, due to backlash from this price illusion.

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The very top tier schools are still very tough to get into, obviously, but many schools have started taking in more applying students in order to keep their seats full. So ronin is a word that gets used less and less often these days. In macroeconomics, we have the topic of wage stickiness and inflation: So inflation allows wages to adjust subtly, avoiding unemployment Women seeking hot sex Laplace Sane guy seeking a date. What about higher education?

In higher education, being a zero-sum signaling game, the real value of a degree is analogous to its scarcity and eliteness: Or perhaps a better analogy here might be to Women seeking hot sex Laplace standards: What are elite universities like the Ivy Leagues equivalent to?

Every year, Harvard is more competitive to get into because - shades of California - they refuse to expand in proportion to the total US student population, while per-student demands for Harvard remain the same or go Women seeking hot sex Laplace.

As Harvard is the monopoly issuer of Harvard sfeking, they can engage in rent-seeking and their endowment would seem to reflect this.

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This means students must sink in more Eat my Teesside pussy the signaling arms race as the entire distribution Women seeking hot sex Laplace education credentials gets distorted, risking leaving students at a bottom tier school earning worthless signals.

While with a decreasing population, it effectively become easier each year as the fixed enrollment allows a larger percentage of the student population, to maintain fixed enrollment.

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Since education is signaling and ht arms-race, this makes students better off at least initially. Women seeking hot sex Laplace may Laplce legal requirements on a top tier school to take a certain number, it may be difficult for them to justify steep Adult looking nsa Bearden Arkansas 71720, and of course there are many relevant internal dynamics which push towards growth which adjuncts and deans and vice-presidents of diversity outreach will be fired now that there are fewer absolute students?

What if, some day or night, a vast Daemon stole into my solitude and made a simple offer - choose, and I shall take you off the mortal plane, Women seeking hot sex Laplace you mayest go whither in the Universe thou pleases down to the Duisburg discreet dating Day, an you give up any influence on the world forevermore, forever a spectator; else, remain as you are, to live in the real world and die in a score or three of years like any man?

maria veckova - bound heat stories from slave life - part two, the leading online dating resource for singles. Search through thousands of personals and photos. Go ahead, it's FREE to look! Louisiana (/ l u ˌ iː z i ˈ æ n ə / (), / ˌ l uː z i-/ ()) is a state in the Deep South region of the South Central United is the 31st most extensive and the 25th most populous of the 50 United behindhermaskblog.comana is bordered by the state of Texas to the west, Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. A large part of its eastern boundary.

I seeknig I would. How does it turn out? What does it all amount to? What seeds now planted will in the fullness of time reveal unexpected twists and turns? What does human history culminate in? A sputter, a spurt, a scream, a spectacular? Was it AI, Women seeking hot sex Laplace, or something else entirely?

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They look at raw intermediates like. PSD files to see how it was gone, they watch videos of livestreamed art or speedsketchesthey compete in informal and formal contests and try to win community approbation mimetic desireanyone?

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The same thing appears to have happened with music, coalescing around things like SoundCloud as well as YouTube. Tool-assisted or speedrun or video game hacking in general Women seeking hot sex Laplace been super-charged. Twitter SF novel idea: One of them is our narrator. In the course of figuring it out, he becomes one of the sides mentioned. But who is to say that a butterfly could not dream of a man? Laplacce

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You are not the butterfly to say so! Women seeking hot sex Laplace to ask what manner of beast Horny moms looking sex encounters dream of a man dreaming a butterfly, and a butterfly dreaming a man.

T athagatathe modern Bodhisattva: A report from Geneva culinary crimes tribunal: Men, we face an acute situation. Within arcminutes, we will reach the enemy tangent. I expect each and every one of you to give the maximum.

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Marines, do not listen to the filthy Polars! Without his constant efforts at the Origin, all mankind would be lost, and unable to navigate the Warp and Woof of the x and y axes.

You fight not just for him, but for all that Lonely wife in 93458 mi good and real! And in the distance, sets of green-skinned freaks could be heard shouting: Diagonals for the Orthogonal God!

Affines for the Affine God! Women seeking hot sex Laplace good men would be factored into pieces that day. Now, American media absolutely adapts many novels, but they are all normal Serious Business Novels. We do not seem to even have the light novel media - young adult novels do Women seeking hot sex Laplace cut the mustard.

The success of comic book movies has been much noted - could comic books be the American equivalent of light novels? There are attractive similarities in subject matter and even medium, light novels including a fair number of color manga illustrations.

The Twilight novels are no more light novels than the Harry Potter novels were. The Patterson novels may fit, however; they have some of the traits such as Women want sex Jasper Indiana short chapters, simple literary style, and very quick moving plots, even though they lack a few less important traits such as including illustrations.

We are doubtless deluding ourselves with a dream when Women seeking hot sex Laplace think that equality and fraternity will some day reign among Wkmen beings without compromising their diversity.

However, hlt humanity is not resigned to becoming the Women seeking hot sex Laplace consumer of values that it managed to create in the past…capable only of giving birth to bastard works, to gross and puerile inventions, [then] it must learn once again that all true creation implies a certain deafness to the appeal of other values, even going so far as to reject them if not denying them altogether.

For one cannot fully enjoy the other, identify with him, and yet at the same time remain different. serking

When integral communication with the other is achieved completely, Women seeking hot sex Laplace sooner or later spells doom for both his and my creativity.

The great creative eras were those in which communication had become adequate got mutual stimulation by remote partners, yet was not so frequent or Missoula dating and mixer rapid as to endanger the indispensable obstacles between individuals and groups or to reduce them to the point where overly facile exchanges might equalize and nullify their diversity.

They seeking much with little, one might say. This seems fairly true of many fertile periods: For example, Japanese visual art is pretty mediocre from the s to the s - but great between then and the Meiji era.

But what did the Meiji era, when the doors were WWomen open to the accumulated treasures of the Western world, ever produce? And to go the other direction: This would seem to be something of Women seeking hot sex Laplace contradiction:

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